Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Austria 1934

On the flight back from Vienna yesterday, I read Christopher Isherwood’s short novel, Prater Violet. It tells the story of the young Isherwood hired to work on a film in a London studio… Continue reading

Maria Lidka

I meant to link this obituary much earlier – sadly, I cannot find any links to her playing, though I did produce a recording of Peter Gellhorn’s ‘Intermezzo’ which he composed for Lidka,… Continue reading

Bernhard Sekles 1872 – 1934

Bernhard Sekles’s opera Schahrazade is the subject of the most recent Musica Reanitmata’s  quarterly publication. I recall being shown the full score for a massive orchestra work published by Schott some 20 years… Continue reading

The Prague Cemetery

It’s impossible to spend much time researching and pondering upon the whys and wherefores of music banned by the III Reich without questioning the provenance of the deluded anti-Semitism of pre-Hitler Europe. Hitlers… Continue reading

Wagner’s Influence on Vienna’s Jewish Composers

On the 16th of January, I shall be giving a talk at Vienna’s Jewish museum on the subject of Wagner’s influence on Vienna’s Jewish composers. This is such a broad subject, I wasn’t… Continue reading