Monthly Archive: June, 2015

The Ominous Hans Winterberg Puzzle

Except we now know that Winterberg’s part in this story wasn’t true. The truth is actually far more revealing of the Germany immediately after the war, and incredibly, of Germany today: Hans Winterberg was initially hijacked by a community of post-war refugees, who claimed him as one of their own. More recently, he was commandeered by contemporary German musicology. Both groups set great store in Winterberg being a victimised German Czech composer.

Where Culture Intersects with History – The Music Estate

This is the modified text of a lecture I recently gave at London Royal College of Music. Click on the photos to enlarge them and to read the documents more easily What’s found… Continue reading

Thomas Hampson’s ‘Mirror of the World’ Broadcast

Thomas Hampson has put together a remarkable series of art-song broadcasts called Mirror of the World. His latest is based on my book Forbidden Music. When I posted the link on Facebook, only… Continue reading