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The Jewish Music Institute interviews Michael Haas  

Ernst Toch’s essays

Researching Toch at the UCLA Performing Arts Archive, one cannot help but be astonished at the number of essays, statements, letters and thoughts that he composed and compiled. Few have an indication of… Continue reading

Restitution within musicology

A further report in today’s Standard: “Hardly touched – the Subject of Restitution within Musicology” Experts establish the lack of provenance research within orchestras and theatres – lack of resources cited as greatest… Continue reading

The spirit and the music of Terezín

It is important that the spirit of Terezín be remembered with concerts and events. And this afternoon, there was another superb performance of works by Viktor Ullmann, Hans Krasa and Gideon Klein by… Continue reading


“In our global society, culture is no longer the sole property of a single nation. It is the property of all with the interest and ambition to ask awkward questions and make new… Continue reading


“So what should I do as an émigré from 8:00 every morning, other than compose? […] The greatest source of inspiration for an émigré is […] the torturous power of boredom that forces… Continue reading


“Eisler’s album of songs composed in exile, later entitled the Hollywood Songbook, contains settings that cover all his compositional styles. Today it has become common practice for a selection of some 40 of… Continue reading


Matthias Goerne and Eric Schneider’s award-winning recording of Eisler’s ‘multi-layered narrative of exile’ is on Spotify.


  Arnold Schoenberg’s letter of condolence to Erich Wolfgang Korngold after the death of his father, the equally revered and feared critic Julius Korngold.


Erich Wolfgang Korngold playing ‘Pierrots Tanzlied’ (from his 1920 opera Die tote Stadt) at a party in Hollywood.