Jewish Musical Identity and the Crisis of Exile: Part 1

How and in what manner did secular composers thrown out of Europe after 1933 for being Jewish express Jewish identity in music?

On July 31. 2020, The Composer Walter Arlen Turns 100

The composer, former music critic and teacher, Walter Arlen is 100 years old and like any centenarian, he has many stories to tell. Unlike many centenarians, he has lived through more than a… Continue reading

Review of Eva Rieger’s Biography of Frida Leider

A review of Eva Rieger’s excellent biography of the Wagnerian soprano Frida Leider

Musicology and the Music Business – a Personal Journey

By allowing research to re-create the biotope of past creativity, we can increase understanding and appreciation of unfamiliar repertoire among artists and audiences.


Since posting this article six years ago, the discovery of Hans Gál has carried on at such a pace, that an update is required, demanding a broader focus than his opera Die heilige… Continue reading

Musings on 2020

Politics and the arts – what might it mean for the next decade?

The Centenary of the Salzburg Festival

This is a paper I was invited to give in Brussles earlier this month as part of a conference organised by “Forum Voix Etouffées” The destruction of Habsburg Austria would result in an… Continue reading

The Third Year of, and Second Year after its opening

With May 2019, came into its third year, following its official public opening two years ago. I’ve already documented with three previous article: The first was when we were given the… Continue reading

“Jewish Destiny” and the defiance of Richard Fuchs

“Jewish Destiny” is the English translation of “Jüdisches Schicksal”, which in turn was the title of a large oratorio written by Richard Fuchs. We’ll come to this work later, though I have already… Continue reading


There is another important element that illustrates “inner return”: it’s the concept of “return”, when composers prominent as pre-war modernists return to old-fashioned concepts such as symphonies, sonatas and string quartets. Of these… Continue reading