Conchita’s Victory – why it’s significant

Being in Austria just as Conchita Wurst wins the Eurovision Song Contest throws up any number of issues. I didn’t watch – in fact, I have never watched a Euro-Vision song contest –… Continue reading

Ursula Mamlok

There are still a small number of composers who were born to Jewish families in Germany and Austria in the 1920s, who escaped and came to musical maturity in new homelands. Walter Arlen… Continue reading

‘Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’ – Samuel Johnson

In survey after survey, Austria follows the UK as the most euro-sceptic of all EU members, yet here in Vienna, the euro-elections have a dynamism that is unimaginable in Britain: there are television… Continue reading

Review of ‘Forbidden Music’ in the Times Literary Supplement

Sadly, for copyright reasons, I can’t upload the TLS review of ‘Forbidden Music’ to Facebook. But I can report that in an article entitled ‘By Authors Unknown’, Stephen Brown reviews three books along… Continue reading

Walter Wurzburger

I’ve added another poster for a second centenary concert for Walter Wurzburger – the first concert poster can be seen below. A fascinating forgotten voice celebrates a centenary: Walter Wurzburger – or, as he must… Continue reading

Austria’s War

Regular readers of this page will know that I’ve already written on the unique, but largely ignored position of Austria in the First World War. It has been fascinating to follow reports and… Continue reading

Jews in the ‘Modern State’ of 1875

In August 1875, someone with the initials C.v.W. wrote a leading article in Vienna’s ‘Neue Freie Presse’ entitled ‘Jewry in the Modern State’. This came eight years after the December Constitution of Austria… Continue reading

Eric(h) Zeisl (1905-1959): The One Who (Nearly) Got Away

There is a theory that for every single genius, there are another four or five who somehow escape notice. This is apparently nature’s means of making sure that at least one is able… Continue reading

Hans Gál and his Sacred Duck

The above sound-file is a work from 1916, for women’s chorus and orchestra called Das Bäumlein das andere Blätter hat gewollt. Gál’s op. 2 When preparing material for an exhibition on Hans Gál… Continue reading

The death of Alice Herz-Sommer

Those of us who walked through the streets of London’s Belsize Park/Swiss Cottage neighbourhood could hear her playing every day. She was an institution and her long life meant that she kept memories… Continue reading