The Washington Post reviews Forbidden Music

Anne Midgette writes about ‘Forbidden Music’ – and is largely generous in her appraisal. Sadly, there are a number of minor-slips in my book that some people are picking up. My slip, at one point, referring to Liszt (mistakenly) as Wagner’s son-in-law, is balanced elsewhere when I refer to the relationship correctly: i.e. Wagner as Liszt’s son-in-law. Annoying that such minor errors occur and YUP assures me that when the paperback edition comes out, I shall have an opportunity to address them. As the other errors are largely inconsistent spellings of names, (Schussnig vs Schusnig and Gutman vs Gutmann) I don’t think anyone who has purchased a hardcover copy of the book need feel that they have been cheated. If they do, I can only apologise! The BBC Music Magazine has also given ‘Forbidden Music’ a very find review as has ‘History Today’ in which Daniel Snowman treats it to thorough ‘going-over’ and compares it with 3 other books dealing with similar themes, (though not music). He generously recommends ‘Forbidden Music’ as the book to read, should only one of the four be feasible for the interested reader. Unfortunately, I cannot link to these reviews until the magazines themselves make it possible. By the way, Ms Midgette makes a minor error herself and refers to Franz, rather than Hans Gál. It only underlines how far this important composer has fallen off of the radar.