Review in TLS of two new books on Schoenberg

I’ve reviewed two outstanding new books on Schoenberg for the Times Literary Supplement – in fact, they appear to have made my review their headline feature. The books are Julie Brown’s SCHOENBERG AND REDEMPTION (272pp. Cambridge University Press.) and  Joy H. Calico’s ARNOLD SCHOENBERG’S ‘A SURVIVOR FROM WARSAW’ IN POSTWAR EUROPE (272pp. University of California Press) I also used the opportunity to offer as much of a write-up as I dared, of Sabina Feisst’s SCHOENBERG’S NEW WORLD – THE AMERICAN YEARS. The TLS has allowed me to post my review for readers of Forbidden Music’s Facebook page and blog. Amazing, since I didn’t dare ask them for permission when the TLS gave FORBIDDEN MUSIC a review I would have loved to have linked to. Oh well. . . . As it was, I managed to upload a pdf of the review for interested readers, found elsewhere on these pages. My review of the new Schoenberg books follows via the link below.

Michael Haas on Julie Brown’s Schoenberg and Redemption and Joy H. Calico’s Schoenberg’s Survivor from Warsaw in Postwar Europe